I Heart NY

Is New York’s heart as big as its powerfulness?
Walking down 5th Avenue, a girl calculates with rigour where to step. It’s Carrie all over again.
The sun is mightier here, as if sharing some of the power that inundates the streets.
It dictated the colour of the cabs, it ruled the choice of outfit.
It’s summer in Central Park, hormones are aplenty.
Maybe it’s time I declare my love. Opening the window, I whisper I love you.

A day is never the same in New York… after returning from there recently, I realised how much the city is really a state of mind, and not a place. In any of the streets, you can be the city, incorporating everything the city is about: cosmopolitan, sexy, driven, bold and proud.
Here’s my homage to that beautiful metropolis.
In every cocktail, there is a zest of life that penetrates my veins and lifts me up.

Come again? - 7



Watching this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, I couldn’t help but wonder, how much sex is before our eyes in each and every act. Somehow, anyone judging the quality of the melody or the perfection of the choreography will not separate the sexual connotation that emanates act after act.
Historically a contest of long dresses, boring hairdos and mixed rhythms, cheeky became sexy which in turn became explicit.
I will explain with some of this year’s entries…

Take Spain, for example. The four-piece boy band D’Nash, minced around the stage, jumping up and down, slowly releasing their shirts to unravel some toned flesh. Erotic, visual and easy. Their deep look into the camera was the icing on the cake. Hand me a cigarette…

After Dana International’s victory in 1998, the contest has become somewhat a polysexual rendezvous, where grannies, daddies and trannies take to the stage and fly the flag of their country. Unfortunately, every year there are at least 3 countries taking their chances by repeating what others have done. Three costume change, wigs, fans, fireworks, you name it. I am glad no one has remembered to bring animals on stage.
This year was rich in cross-dressing acts, like Ukraine and Denmark. Sweden brought us the hybrid category: cross-dressing executive a la Eddie Izzard. It’s Transeurope before our eyes, indeed…

And finally you have the beauty of the female form. Just like in a beauty pageant, you see small skirts, tights, sun-kissed glow… and then you have Serbia’s Marija Serifovic. This year’s winning entry, with a well-paced ballad, was not what you would call a “beautiful woman”, but it conquered votes across Europe.

So, how much of the voting is political, and how much is based on sexual attraction to the performers? How much is actually based on musical quality, and how much is random?
One thing is certain, the delight on the eye has outlawed the harmony of the sound… If not, judge for yourself!

The winner, Serbia's Marija Serifovic


Come Again? - 6

What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere?

'Hold my purse.'



Identity crisis

He got caught on the last club bust. On the last two there were, actually.

As he was taken out, as the morning papers denouced their fault, I wonder how much of this sick lifestyle is part of what should be my lifestyle?

Drug taking has defined generations. It has served religions. It has survived laws, economic crises, but they were never out of fashion. Or were they?

The last time I checked, drug taking wasn't part of the manual on sexualities.

Sex is just sex, attraction is just attraction.

Then the stupid American teenager on the tv was asked to pick one man out of three to go on a date with. The one with the small dog was gay. "Because gay men all have small dogs.", she exposed, from the top of her "Bloomingdales" wisdom.

When did we become victims of our own trends? When did sex become so entagled with accessory attitudes that we all engage in?

Cut the crap. "You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss.

A sigh is just a sigh."



Can we be divided at love?

If you love all things, are you automatically behaving unfaithfully.

In the choice of the one person to love, don't we try loving many others?

I am divided. In opinion and in love.


Ice Cream

Time for tasting something delicious.

And the summertime invites us to new flavours.

For a moment it anestethises my tongue,

waking them up to the sweet.

Come again? - 5

"Sex is like tennis. When you play your inferior, your game suffers."

Eddie Britt, in Desperate Housewives


Lady's not for turning

So I set up this revamped blog.
So I did it with passion and devotion, intending to include my previous work that I used to entertain y’all readers of the old version of Sex Appeals...
So I decided to do something about my annoying laptop, that keept on over heating and had lost its sound, speed and glow, as if affected by Parkinson’s.
So I reinstalled its operating system.
So I had a blonde moment.

I did not save a thing, and all my writings, my photos, my work, my music were absolutely GONE.

I can no longer post any of the Returns. I guess I paid the price of having tried plastic surgery on my pc. Well, at least I’ve got the sound and the speed back, and I shall no longer use it as a mini-heater for the cold nights.


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